Have a question about the Virtual Airline? Here's the common questions answered!

Understandably, new pilots have a lot of questions on how to use the website and the ACARS system in place. Here is where these frequent questions are answered!


Q: I just registered, where can I download the ACARS?

A: The ACARS can be found on the Downloads page. Extract it to a folder where you desire and run the acars application file inside!


Q: How do I setup my ACARS? It says it isnt linked to anything...

A: On the settings page, and where you are first taken when you launch the program for the first time, you need to enter the phpVMS URL and your API key. The phpVMS URL is https://tnetvirtual.com - Your API key can be found on your profile, here on tnetvirtual.com! Copy it from your profile and paste it into the appropriate place inside the ACARS program. Do NOT share this key with anyone! You also want to select Microsoft Simulator as your Active Simulator and (Re)sync your Scenery in your Settings page. This will only take a moment!


Q: How do I start a flight? Nothing is showing up when I search.

A: You need to bid on a flight first. This can be done by navigating over to the Flights page here on tnetvirtual.com. Once you've found a flight you want to fly, click on the bid button (grey button to the right of each listing). It should now be available for you to fly on your ACARS - you may need to reload the program for changes to take effect!


Q: How do I make a Simbrief flight plan?

A: You first need to bid on the flight. Then reload the flights page and find your flight again or go to My Bids. You will then see an orange-outlined button that says "Create Simbrief Flight Plan". After you have generated a new OFP, you will be able to download it OR download it via Simbrief's downloader (if you installed it). You will need a Simbrief account and have it linked to the Airline. This is done when you are generating a flight plan for the first time by logging in to it.