♦ Welcome to TNET Virtual Airlines! ♦


TNET Virtual Airlines is a VA based on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - harnessing phpVMS and a in-depth ACARS for a realistic, enjoyable experience.

Whether you are an aspiring pilot - going for your PPL, an IRL pilot looking to relax, or enjoying Flight Sim as a hobby - we welcome you! While we are new, we are becoming more established everyday. Pilots can freely bid and fly on flights on our platform whenever they choose. No need to worry about being removed for not flying for longer than 14 days. Our network currently ranges across New England, but we are expanding everyday!




What does "TNET" mean?

TNET is short for "Transit Network" it is to represent our foundation of building a national network of passenger flights. All connected, for any trip across the United States!


What simulators does TNET support?

Currently, we only support MSFS 2020. We plan to open up our support to X-Plane 11 soon.


Why fly TNET? What makes you so damn special?

We are looking to expand our roster so we can create a awesome environment for sim pilots - which we can't do without you. We have no requirements to become a pilot, beginners are more than welcome! No "required" minimum for new TNET pilots neither. We want to aid in the realism, give you goals to achieve via ranks and awards, and give you motivation to fly from point A to point B. We aren't just another "new community waiting to die in a few months".  Fly on the VATSIM network or any other related networks if you choose, it is not required.


Our Current Airports & Routes Map